Fisher Detail Foundry


This website represents the efforts of the late Larry Fisher and is the result of the enthusiastic support of Jeff Tolan.  The primary medium for production is 3D printing, Sand, and Investment Casting. We believe that combining new technology with historic artifacts and modeling can help bring our hobby into the modern age.  Our products are of high quality and will make great additions to any locomotive.  Most of these parts are details for our 2.5″ scale Chloe based locomotives; but we found there is a wider interest in modeling 19th and early 20th Century railroading. For this reason we have produced parts in 1.5″/1.6″, 2.5″, 3.75″ scale and even full size for historic reproductions. This site was created to offer our designs in the spirit of continuing the hobby.

All of our products are available upon request in detailed colored plastic for test fitting and light use.  Plastic is significantly less expensive, but less conducive to the heat requirements of steam locomotive use.  We suggest that you order plastic parts primarily for test fitting or to evaluate a design, not for permanent use. All other products are offered in cast bronze or brass, and sintered stainless steel.

We are also willing to create customized parts for your locomotive of any size.  Feel free to email us at for pricing and any questions.


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