Backhead Shelves

Inspired by the shelves found on the backheads of many locomotives, I realized I needed one of these for my Kalakaua and so here it is. Sized to scale and to fit our pair of oil cans, these shelves are available in 3D printed and textured blackened sintered stainless steel (to emulate cast iron); or investment cast solid brass which looks terrific left as is or polished to a high finish. Our 2.5″ scale shelves measure 3.8″w. x 1.7″d. / 1.6″ scale 2.5″w. x 1.1″d. (brackets are cast into the bottom of the shelf but can be cut off and your own mounting used).

2.5″ scale Blackened Stainless $75.00 / Unfinished Brass Upon Request / Polished Brass Upon Request

1.6″ scale Blackened Stainless $45.00 / Unfinished Brass $110.00 / Polished Brass $150.00