BLW Pattern Steam Gauge Stand

This is the first of our Baldwin type Steam Gauge Stands based on the BLW pattern #9234. The stand is sized to fit the All American Gauge manufactured by American Model Engineering or any other 1 1/4″ diameter gauge. The next Gauge Stand I’ll be offering will be set up for a steam gauge at the bottom and a smaller brake or steam chest pressure gauge at the top. I’ll also be making other stands based on gauges available to the hobby.

This Steam Gauge Stand is offered in investment cast solid brass or bronze part with two options. One is an exact miniature of the BLW casting and the other includes a mounting tab that allows the All American Gauge to be mounted using the two threaded holes in the body of the gauge.

Brass or Bronze Steam Gauge Stand Unpolished $45 / Polished $55 (Indicate which option you want)