Caboose and Station Lamps

The popularity of our 2.5″ scale cab lamps spurred interest in lamps for other purposes. Currently I offer two styles of interior lamps suitable for use in a caboose or other car/building where lamps in these styles were found.

The 1.5″/1.6″ scale Dressel Style Caboose Lamp is inspired by similar lamps produced for use in cars and in stations where task lighting was needed. This lamp is also suitable for some 2.5″ scale applications.

The 2.5″ scale D&RGW Caboose Lamp is inspired by lamps fabricated in the Denver & Rio Grande Western’s Burnham Shops near Denver, CO. (Photo of prototype shown)

Both models feature 12V. LED flame effect lighting and are currently offered with frosted acrylic chimneys. I am currently developing optional true glass chimneys as well as a functioning kerosene fuel option for 2.5″ and 3.75″ scale models.

Both of these models, as well as our Oil Cans make great presentation pieces for display in your home or office.