Dressel Style Caboose Lamps

The Dressel style caboose lamps are currently offered in 1.5″/1.6″ scale and measure 2.8″ high, or 22 1/2″ tall in 1.5″ scale / 21″ tall in 1.6″ scale. The lamp may also be used as a smaller example of the style at 13 1/2″ tall in 2.5″ scale.

The lamp kit comes complete with the polished investment cast brass body or 3D printed and pre-stained sintered Nylon body; frosted acrylic chimney; and flame effect LED, pre-wired for 12V. We can substitute a pre-wired 12V. ‘grain-of-wheat’ bulb as an option should you desire one. Of course as with all of our kits we include comprehensive instructions.

Polished Brass kit $145 / Black Nylon kit $45.