Firing and Water Valve Assemblies

We offer some other components that are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations. These assemblies are produced from brass and can be used for water valves; a propane or fuel oil firing valve; or, used to actuate functional mechanical brakes.

First are the components of a handbrake found on small Baldwin locomotives like the Forney types used in Hawaiian plantation service. We offer the parts as a kit or individually. We will soon offer an alternate spiral spoke handwheel as an option. Parts consist of the lost wax cast Base Plate, Tank Bracket, Offset Handle, Ratchet and Pawl.

Second is a Tank Support and Bat Handle for water or fuel valves as found on a bunker or tender of a small locomotive. These are designed to work with tank valves fit with your own choice of valve extension with a 1/4-28 threaded end or you can drill and fit our part to your design. Mine are the perfect compliment to my Allen Models Chloe type locomotive.

As with most of our cast brass or bronze parts these are available polished or unfinished.

Base Plate: $54.80 (unfinished as shown)

Tank Bracket with Offset Handle: $150.00 (unfinished as shown)

Ratchet and Pawl: $75 (unfinished as shown)

Tank Support (pre-drilled) $200.00 pr. / $300.00 pr. polished / Stainless $85.00 pr.

Bat Handle (pre-drilled) for 1/4-28 thread or sized for 1/4 plain shaft $75.00 pr. / $100.00 polished / Stainless $65.00 pr.  (also available for other shaft sizes, price on request)