Other Baldwin Pattern Details

Whether the humble Kalakaua; the beautiful Glenbrook; or the Henry Ford Museum’s hard working Detroit & Lima Railway #7, all share common ground. Each was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1875 and 1897. Kalakaua and #7 were constructed to the same color specifications and share that distinction with a 1913 Baldwin in the collection of the Nevada State Railroad Museum, home of Glenbrook.

I’ve long admired all of these locomotives so when I started detailing my 2.5″ scale model of Kalakaua I began to develop a number of BLW pattern detail parts. With help from Steve Alley at Allen Models in identifying some of these items the list of parts continues to grow and are a perfect compliment to his line of locomotives and others of the era. As I continue to develop new parts they’ll be posted here. If you are building a late 19th or early 20th Century locomotive and have something in mind let me know and we may be able to make it for you.