Custom Design Work

Fisher Detail Foundry started as a result of folks asking about parts I’d made for my locomotive. Jeff and I talked about parts for his locomotive as well and the custom design side of what we do is now part of our offerings. Here’s a couple of examples for you:

Jeff Tolan had an antique bronze bell that was the perfect size for his Chloe / Nalo and, the bell had great tone too. Unfortunately it wasn’t for a 2.5″ scale live steamer and had no mounting yoke or other hardware. Based on a simple sketch of the bell and some measurements I was able to produce this yoke assembly and manufacture it using 3D printed stainless steel to emulate cast iron.

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Another recent challenge was to produce knobs and lock plates in 2.5″ scale for an Oahu Railway diesel locomotive. Well you dangle OR&L in front of me and I’ll take the hook! The fun part was producing matching keys for the locks as you can see here.


Our custom work ranges from simple details to complex items such as an early Westinghouse air pump. If you have a difficult part that you would like to see modeled using our techniques, contact us and an hourly wage will be charged. We will be happy to help!