W.H. Gregg Co. Components

The W.H. Gregg Co. was one of the largest suppliers of plantation railway equipment in the world at one time. Furnishing much of the rail, rolling stock, and other equipment needed for plantation operations in the Hawaiian Islands. The W.H. Gregg Co. patented many new and safer innovations for the sugar cane and pineapple plantation railway operations. The unique details evidenced in Gregg cane cars and other equipment were well featured in an illustrated catalog at the turn of the century and serve as the inspiration for our line of plantation car components. I will continue to add parts as time and personal model building permits. Links to 2.5″ scale items available or in development will be added below.

W.H. Gregg patent Rigid Link and Pin Couplers

W.H. Gregg patent Sprung Link and Pin Couplers

W.H. Gregg Hand Brake Components

W.H. Gregg Tow Hooks

W.H. Gregg Journal Boxes and Sprung Pedestals